Webmaster Tools III...

is the best application of it's type available on the internet today. Webmaster Tools was designed and developed with webmasters in mind.

This exceptional tool was designed and developed by a webmaster for his own use so you know it is a tool that all webmasters and site builders will find extremely useful and will be able to use with ease.

With our  Webmaster Tools II package you can create hundreds of effects in minutes using our 40+ JavaScript and CSS wizards. There are also other great tools and resources included in the Webmaster Tools package such as a HTML ENCRYPTOR script tester, JavaScript to HTML converter and more.

This is not a product that your or your users will use once and then discard. Webmaster Tools - Black Label Edition III is a real tool that your  will be used time & time again. This amazing tool includes many JavaScript and CSS wizards and 1000s of copy and paste scripts that will have your customers creating great page effects in minutes. You just have to try this tool to believe it's capabilities.


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Black Label Edition III Included Wizards & Tools...

Auto Copyright
This wizard will produce a copyright message that doesn't need updating. Each year the date will click over to the correct year.

Auto Expire
This wizard will produce a script that makes a block of text appear and then disappear on the specified dates. Great for time sensitive material.

Auto Popunder
This wizard will produce an automatic popunder script with a cookie that will allow the popunder to appear only once per browser session. The window is fully customisable to suit your requirements.

Auto Popup
This wizard will produce a fully customisable automatic popup window that appears every time your page is opened.

Banner Rotator
This wizard will produce a rotation for up to 10 banners. The banners will be rotated every x seconds and include clickable hyperlinks.

Color Picker 1 (by Color)
This wizard will produce hexadecimal color codes from our browser safe, 216 color, palette. The colors are shown how they will look against the 9 main colors (black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and white).

Color Picker 2 (by Name)
This wizard will produce hexadecimal color codes and Name codes for those who find remembering the hex codes difficult. Honeydew is much easier to remember than #F0FFF0. there are 140 color names and they are shown how they will look against the 9 main colors (black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and white).

This wizard will produce a script that counts down to a specific event. Just enter the details and the job is done. Creating automatic messages like "Sale ends in XX days" or "Only XX days until Christmas" is a breeze.

CSS Menus
This tutorial will help you create some stunning button menu effects without using graphics. This method of creating menus really makes it easy to alter if menu items change. No more redesigning graphics.

Div Scroll
If you have content/text or tables that are too long for your page then you can enclose the content in <DIV> or <SPAN> tags that have a defined height, width and scrollbars.

Dropdown Menu 1
This wizard will produce a dropdown menu with up to ten menu items. By using a form dropdown box for your menu you can save lots of valuable screen space.

Dropdown Menu 2
This wizard will produce a dropdown menu with up to five menu items. This is different to the previous script in that a description box shows information about each selected link.

FAQs Page
This wizard will help you create a Frequently Asked Questions page with up to 10 questions. Additional questions and answers can be added to the page by "hand". The wizard will create the code for the entire HTML page.

This is an online link to, not only the Webmaster Tools Forum, but 10 other forums that will help you find the answers to you scripting questions. If the answer isn't here it probably can't be done.

Heading Shadow
This wizard will create a great text shadow effect for your headings and give your pages a lift.

HTML Encryptor
This tool will encrypt part or all of your HTML document and keep your code from prying eyes.

HTML Glossary
A Glossary of most HTML 4 tags and a brief outline of their usage.

This tool will convert part or all of your HTML code to JavaScript. This is a great way to handle repetitive coding jobs such as menus, headers and footers.

I-FRAMES can help you become quite creative with your page. Our wizard will quickly help you script them into your pages.

Link Cloaker
This wizard will produce an HTML frameset page that will help cloak your affiliate links from prying eyes.

Link Popup
This wizard will produce a fully customisable popup window that will only appear when a hyperlink is clicked.

Meta Tags
Quickly and efficiently create your all important meta tags. This wizard will make your meta coding so much easier. Create meta tags for a number of pages in one session by just changing a few variables.

Miscellaneous Tools
These tools will help you calculate download times for your files, view the source code of any page on the www, search for graphics for your web pages and create a 3D graphic title for your site.

Mouseover Image
This wizard will create graphic button rollovers. Great for menus and navigation. The script will handle up to 10 buttons and also includes a preloader. We have even included links to some FREE graphic button sites.

Mouseover Text 1
Create style sheet mouseover links that change color. These links will work in IE4+ and NN6+. All other browsers will see a normal link. Just choose your colors and decoration & you are done.

Mouseover Text 2
This wizard will create 100's of different text-link mouseover effects and will allow you to have a number of different effects on the one page. The wizard is lengthy but the effects can be stunning.

No-spam Email
Stop the email-spam robots from getting your email address from your web site by using our clever email cloaking script. No method is perfect but this script will stop most spam bots.

Note Pad
This handy utility will allow you to quickly make and save notes as you are working. Notes are saved as a .txt file by default but you can change the extension to .js, .html or other text based files.

Order Calculator
This wizard will produce an Order Calculator for up to ten product items. If your customers are purchasing a number of items they will be able to add up the total before they go any further. This attractive calculator will look great on your page.

Online Scripts
The wonderful people at www.cgiscripts.net have graciously given us permission to access their database of JavaScripts and wizards. We have also added links to 8 other script archives giving you access to thousands of scripts.

Page Border
This wizard will create an attractive border that surrounds the whole page inside the browser (or frame) window.

Page Transitions
This wizard will create 24 different kinds of page fade in and fade out transitions. On the right page this can be a stunning effect. The transitions can be configured to work on either page entry or exit.

Protect Images
This script will hide your images behind a transparent image. This method is not 100% infallible but it will deter all but the most knowledgeable and persistent thieves from grabbing your images.

Quick Scripts
This is a collection of short scripts, like "No Right Click" and "Auto Bookmark", that can be inserted into your pages with little or no alteration. There are over 35 great copy & paste scripts here.

Random Text
Give your page some dynamic content by creating up to 10 Random Text messages for your page. Each time the page is loaded a random text message appears.

Script Tester
This tool will allow you to test your HTML and JavaScript code on the fly.

The colored scrollbars can only be seen in IE5+ browsers. All other browsers will just present their normal scrollbar.

Search Engine Doorway Pages
Create doorway pages that are targeted to getting your site registered higher in the search engines.

Special Characters
A library of codes that will enable you to print special characters to the screen. Some of these characters include...

Thumbnail Popup
Do you have a lot of thumbnail graphics linked to larger graphics. This wizard's script creates pages on the fly opening the graphic in a popup window with its own close button.

Time of Day Greetings
This script will greet your visitors with a different message depending on what time of day it is.

Mailto: Tag
Create an email "mailto:" tag that has the ability to include multiple addressees, courtesy copies, subject lines and information in the body of the email.

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