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Much of the information below is out of date. There have been lots of upgrades over the past few years. I started this project back in March 2006
I hope to get all of this updated soon.

Extreme Speeds

Internet back bone is made of 6 Gig pipes & each sever is connected by a dedicated 100 mbps lightning fast line.

Extreme Reliability

Fully redundant and Certified CISCO Network, offering 99.999% network reliability using BGP4 network science.

Extreme Performance

Dual Xeon 3.06 Ghz servers, with hyperthreading, making four CPU's, & providing extreme processing power.

Auto-Install Scripts

Nearly 50 scripts that can be installed with a click of a button. It's really that simple too! Just login to your control panel and select the script you would like to install.


RAID-10 technology offers improved performance and safeguards your data.

Free Software

Sign up today, and you get 10 Free Software programs, complete with reseller rights, so you can sell them from your site!

Welcome to Jimmy's Safe Hosting

 I am upfront with everyone here and tell you just as it is. I am not very big but the company that I buy space from is and I feel they are one of the very best to host with. I am large enough to be able to handle some very large sites and keep them happy. The company that I buy from has the best tech support that I have found anywhere and I in return give you the very best that I can provide.

Our servers are all the latest technology and that means we can host you as well as anyone on the internet. I am just one person but if you ask my clients, they well tell you that we are much like one big happy Family here. We have been here for over 8 years and I started it so that I could have the best hosting for my own sites. I now host over 70+ sites from many parts of the world. I will not tell you that we can give unlimited space or that I can give you unlimited bandwidth. Any one who does is not really being truthful. If you read in there small print you will see that they do set limits. I have sites that use a lots of space and bandwidth and they get what they need, but if it ever got to be to much for me to handle here I would talk to them and help them find what they needed in my storefront which can handle anyone that needs a super size site but talk to me first please.

I also sell/register domain names, hosting, and such just as the big companies do. I am set up through Wild West Domains as a reseller for the store front that you can see by Clicking Here and you will find that we are very competitive with our prices for both domains and hosting
services Click Here   and the store provides 24/7 phone support.  Not a bad thing there either. We offer the very same service that the biggest on the internet does through the storefront. I do not do the support for it. If you get your domain or hosting at the store front you will find a number to call for support. Just tell them that your account is through Jimmy's Safehosting, as they do support for a lot of storefronts.

I provide hosting Starting at just $25.00 US per year and if you need more that one site, we can work with you in that area also.
Click Here

Just take a min and contact me and let us talk about your needs and what I can do for you. I would love to host your site or sites and even if you need more than I can (which I am sure that I have just what you need) provide let me help you find just what you need in our storefront where we have everything that the big companies have.
Happy to help you.

Sign Up today at Jimmy's Safehosting, and receive 10 programs ( See Here ), with complete reseller rights to sell on your site, FREE!!! Almost $300.00 value, at no cost to you!! System Cleaner - PC Performance - Easy PDF Publisher - Website Guardian - HTML Encryptor - HTML Compressor - EZ Webpage Editor - Domain Alarm - Webmaster Tools III - Web Radar

All this, and NO Setup Fees!! No, we do NOT charge any additional fees to set up your account. WYSIWYG!! Whether you have one domain name or 10. If you need the Diamond or Copper Packages. Everything IS included!!

Please Read Terms and Conditions

Account Benefits

  MySQL Databases Unlimited
  E-Mail Accounts Unlimited
  FTP Accounts Unlimited
  Sub-Domains Unlimited
  Static IP Included





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