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Extreme Speeds

Internet back bone is made of 6 Gig pipes & each sever is connected by a dedicated 100 mbps lightning fast line.

Extreme Reliability

Fully redundant and Certified CISCO Network, offering 99.999% network reliability using BGP4 network science.

Extreme Performance

Dual Xeon 3.06 Ghz servers, with hyperthreading, making four CPU's, & providing extreme processing power.

Auto-Install Scripts

Nearly 50 scripts that can be installed with a click of a button. It's really that simple too! Just login to your control panel and select the script you would like to install.


RAID-10 technology offers improved performance and safeguards your data.

Free Software

Sign up today, and you get 10 Free Software programs, complete with reseller rights, so you can sell them from your site!



System Cleaner is specifically designed to protect you! Unknown to many, the Windows operating system and Internet Explorer maintain files and registry settings related to all of your online and offline activity. This software is designed to clean your system of all these tracks, so your computer activities can remain private. You'll also find the performance of your computer may increase once you've cleaned your system.

Purchase Price $29.95

PC Performance will tell you if your system processor and memory are being filled to the rim! This software is small and sits out of the way, so you can always keep an eye on your PC's health. Monitors CPU, ram and hard drive space. Options allow you to change update speed and transparency. Is your PC running slow? If so, PC Performance is the solution to a faster runnin machine!

Purchase Price $29.95

Easy PDF Publisher will allow you to start transforming any of your documents: text, images, web pages, or whatever else you want, into universally readable PDF files in as little as 5 minutes. If you want to easily create professional looking doucments, Easy PDF Publisher will enable you to do so within minutes. Start using PDF now!

Purchase Price $29.95

Website Guardian will stop hackers, spammes, and thieves with a single mouse click. Almost everyone agrees that the Internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place. More hackers, spammers and thieves keep appearing every day. Website Guardian is a brand new security tool that will protect your entire site instantly from many different types of attack ... Protect your site!

Purchase Price $29.95

HTML Encryptor will effectively encrypt your entire website or just one page within minutes. This software will keep others from viewing your source code, prevent printing, offline viewing, caching, disable right clicking, text selection, and hide your links. You can even choose what you want it to say in the status bar or make your site only accessible from a specific referer.

Purchase Price $29.95

HTML Compressor is fast and will effectively compress Your html files while preserving your meta tags. HTML Compressor makes it easy to compress all your html files within your entire website. This software includes multiple encryption algorithms, password protection, statistics and complete backup features. Effectively reduce disk space and the download times of your html files today!

Purchase Price $29.95

EZ Webpage Editor is a web based editor that you can use online.  Upload this small editor to your site and use it from anywhere! All editing can be done in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Visual mode just like a word Processor.  Making it simple and easy to create the web pages you want. If you can use Microsoft word, you can easily master EZ Webpage Editor, its really easy!

Purchase Price $29.95

Domain Alarm sits in your system tray and immediately lets you know if your site(s) are not working properly. This software runs in the background of your computer and will immediately alert you if your website is down. It can notify you with a pop up alert in your system tray and or by email. You can set this program to launch at startup and you get to set your own monitoring intervals.

Purchase Price $29.95

Webmaster Tools III is the best application of it's type available on the internet. Webmaster Tools was designed and developed with webmasters in mind. This exceptional tool was designed and developed by a webmaster for his own use, so you know it is a tool that all webmasters and site builders will find extremely useful. Create hundreds of effects, using the 40+ JavaScript and CSS wizards.

Purchase Price $29.95

Web Radar will allow you to offer internet connection speed testing on your site.  There are no complicated cgi scripts, simply upload the html page and you're ready to go! Web Radar supports dialup, DSL, Cable, and any other internet connections. Web Radar will giive your visitors a reason to return to your site again and again!

Purchase Price $29.95

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